Email List and Volunteers drop down menu

I added an email link but I just put it below the volunteer link on the home page.  We will need to put it in the header on all pages.  Gotta go to work and I work late and have to open in the morning.  I’ll look at the sign-up and log-in functions tomorrow evening when I get off work.  Can you work on getting the theme just like their’s?  We may also want to play around with different themes/layouts as long as we keep their color scheme and logo the same.  Maybe give them an different option other than the same ol’ same ol’.

I’m also trying to figure how we can communicate on this site, but I don’t see where you can respond to this.  Should we use the comments section instead?  We need to check back here frequently because we have quite a bit to do before our meeting with Katie on Wednesday.

Also, I added the remaining submenu items to the Volunteers tab in the main navigation menu, but they represent individual pages.  We need those links to go to specific information on the same page for the first three (Volunteer ESL Teacher, Office Personnel, and Event Coordinator).  Sign Up, FAQ, and Log In can be separate pages.